Do you know me?

I am Edwin. We are working on SmartBeen.
IoT for greenhouse.

SmartBeen is not my first startup. After 32 failed startup I start SmartBeen which is the most successful. I am really love to make things… I know about hardware, software and web developing. Most of time I am building something new from old/useless things. Innovation is my life style and startup is my home. Also I am always try to combine nature and technology. So SmartBeen vision is that.

Things I Love Do

Usually when someone try to lean electronic, programming and business Its mean I can make all of wishes… but I know I am not perfect, if I learn mechanic then I can be to that :)

  • Electronic
  • Programming C
  • Small robots
  • Digital health
  • Home automation
  • Nature and plant
  • Animals
  • Leaning space science

A Few Accomplishments

Some of my favored things are there! Usually I built thing daily! Simple or big things. Fun or useful. :)

Color cube

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Small greenhouse for your home!

A small greenhouse! You can but in in your balcony and grow plant and build organic foods and be healthy…

Smart Flower pot

A good place to make home plant and take from them! Also control your plant health via Internet!

Contact Me

I am always looking for good friends and partners, I will happy to meet you, so please feel free to keep in touch.