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About us:

SmartBeen is our 33th startup. Most of them failed, but SmartBeen after 2 years steel running and also growth up! We made different type of products and test them at more than 80 greenhouse. After all of that tests, now we have very stable, useful and flexible products. All of our products (even smallest thing) take more than 6 month because of we want make sure this products can pass all of quality and stability tests.
We also design smart greenhouse products modular, this technology help us to make best solution for different type of greenhouses. Also all of our produce are can be connect each other wirelessly, which is mean you can make smarter greenhouse. SmartBeen software can give you very good feedback of what’s going on at your greenhouse and help you to make a batter environment for your greenhouse.

What is our experiences?

Well… we have a very good team with different experiences. Electronic designer, good developers, greenhouse designer. Plus we have a very good support team to make sure every single thing going right in your greenhouse.
Honestly we are not good sealers… but we recompense this issue with our good support team, because the only important thing for us is make sure we can give good advices with best solution and also don’t forgot seals is not important because you buy new thinks only once, indeed you need good support. Good support is our proficiency.

We cannot wait to know about you, if you have any question or need more information please contact us.

Contact information

Tehran, Iran office:
5th Floor, Anestito-Mohandesi-Naft Building, Daneshkadeh-Fanni Tehran University, North Karegar Ave
Global customer care: +1 647-932-5597
Skype: Edwin.Baboomian | whatsapp & Telegram: 0098 935 497 97 17 | Mobile: 0098 935 497 97 17 | Tel: 0098 21 76 25 02 40 | Fax: 00 98 2143853496

Markazi, Iran office:
SmartBeen unit, Bldg Hirad, North Azadi Sq, Village Mahallat
Tel number: 00 98 918 965 56 29

Isfahan, Iran office:
SmartBeen, Shahid madani st, Between Moallem and Imam hossein Rd, Village Tiran
whatsapp & Telegram: 00 98 939 222 25 02 | Tel number: 00 98 314 222 06 54 | Mobile num: 00 98 939 222 2502